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Indian Violet [006] – August Monthly Update

Just some new photos of her during a cleaning. She is always hiding otherwise.

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New Hide & Water Dish Update

Not sealed yet, but fully painted. Read More →

Collection Reduction

In order to focus on my Brazilian boa breeding ambitions more seriously, I’ve decided to reduce my tarantula collection. I found a fellow enthusiast on Craig’s List who was happy to have all the individuals I’d tagged for re-homing.

I’m disappointed to see the spiders go, but the boas are a larger priority. Maybe I will be more inclined to keep up with this blog with a smaller collection. Ha! More likely, this will become a blog about my pets in general. Oh well. I had good intentions when I started. =P

New Hide and Water Dish

This weekend, I fixed together some broken sheets of Styrofoam and grouted over to make a terrarium set  for a spare 5 gallon tank I had after selling more than half my tarantulas. I intend the foam pieces to be used for my Florida bark scorpion trio when they are big enough. I thought inverts would be a good choice for my first landscape project because the pieces don’t need to be all that sturdy as the animals are not going to be terribly harsh on them. Read More →

Borneo Black [004] July 2014 Monthly Update

Molt: July 18, 2014 @ 127 days.

She had been eating less between this and her last molt, which can account for the longer instar. I have not made a point to feed her aggressively. She is one of my less predictable specimens and I’m not anxious to have her at an adult size.