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Pacman Frog Food: ZooMed vs Samurai

Ceratophrys ornata

I’ve been feeding pacman frogs a staple diet of commercial food for about a year now. I originally switched to this diet for convenience sake and to ensure my frogs got adequate nutrition. Admittedly, I do not have the best memory (thanks fibro-fog!), so make extra effort to ensure my enclosures and feeding routines take care of themselves as much as possible. Having a commercial diet readily available in my home guarantees my frogs are fed on-time and that they get their supplements (built right in to the formula of their food).

Now, I have been feeding ZooMed Pacman Food, but recently decided to try Samurai’s PacmanFood. Wow, what a difference! Samurai’s has some different ingredients that make preparing the food much less messier, although I can’t say whether they are any more nutritious. The food holds it’s shape better and is all-around easier to feed. Its only drawback is the price. Zoomed can be picked up between $9 and $15 (varies between online and brick stores), making it $1.50/oz at most. Samurai’s Pacman Food is only available through their website and comes to $4.49/oz after shipping.

I have not been using Samurai’s formula for long enough to tell if my frogs are doing any better or worse. I do know that Samurai has a lot more experience with their formula, having been using it at their facility in Japan for 8 – 10 years already. ZooMed is relatively new at it in comparison, with their product only available since 2013. (And Hikari’s Pac Attack is the newest food to hit shelves in 2014, but haven’t tried that yet).


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