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Indian Violet [005] [006] July 2014 Update

No changes. Both individuals are plump and not taking food at the moment, so I’m hoping for a couple molts soon. I doubt they’ll be good enough to sex, these guys are still pretty small. Their behavior remains as seclusive as my cobalt blue, the equivalent of a couple pet holes as opposed to pet tarantulas. However, the silk they produce is infinitely more interesting than a simple burrow. Their homes are interesting and their presence is apparent even if they are not. I am disappointed to destroy their constructions in order to check on their growth. Read More →

Indian Violet [006] March2014 Update

I rarely see my C. fimbriatus, but I pulled out a molt this month from #006. This is 87 days from the last one I recorded, though I’m sure there was one in between, likely at ~35+ days.

Molt (2): Unknown; Estimated to be January 18, 2014 @ 35-ish days
Molt (3): March 11, 2014 @ 52-ish
1.1 inches

Acquired: Indian Violet [005 & 006]

On November 20, 2013, my two Chilobrachys fimbriatus specimens arrived in the mail from Jamie’s Tarantulas at 0.5 inches each – so tiny! After unpacking, they made very elaborate webbing on the first day, with significant substrate rearrangement. Silk and tunnels continue to built up.They are voracious eaters, not at all spooked by larger prey items. They are in small vials and will outgrow them at their next molt.

005 Molt (1): December 14, 2013 @ 24 days from acquisition
0.75 inches

006 Molt (1): December 14, 2013 @ 24 days from acquisition
0.75 inches

I rehoused them both into small containers. One went smoothly, the second bolted up and out of the Kritter Keeper. She bolted around a little more before I was able to cup her. She ran straight into the pre-started burrow I made for her. Both webbed and lined their tunnels overnight, and continue adding to them.