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Collection Reduction

In order to focus on my Brazilian boa breeding ambitions more seriously, I’ve decided to reduce my tarantula collection. I found a fellow enthusiast on Craig’s List who was happy to have all the individuals I’d tagged for re-homing.

I’m disappointed to see the spiders go, but the boas are a larger priority. Maybe I will be more inclined to keep up with this blog with a smaller collection. Ha! More likely, this will become a blog about my pets in general. Oh well. I had good intentions when I started. =P

Cobalt Blue [011] March2014 Update

No news, just a photo of her fat ass. I took this under full spectrum lighting. Under regular/warm, she looks tan with no visible blue. The difference is amazing. She still hates the world. Rawr.

Cobalt Blue [011] Feb2014 Monthly Update

This little snot decided she was done with her deep burrow. I think I may have been keeping it too damp. She has made a round tunnel on top of the soil that hugs the perimeter and lid of her pot, much like Avic‘s tend to do. Upon bringing her home, she was very flighty and would retreat from danger. After one molt – who knows when, but she’s definitely bigger – she’s ready to slam her tiny little fangs into whatever’s got her attention. She’s far more defensive than my ~3 inch Stromatopelma (with whom I’ve not experienced any aggression yet), and rocks back and forth with front legs raised in a threatening manner when disturbed. Wow, what a great tarantula! 

She appears blue or brown depending on the angle viewed, and has a soft, velvety sheen.

Acquired: Cobalt Blue [011]

My Haplopelma lividum spiderling arrived in a shipment to my local pet store December 17, 2013. At 0.75 inches she is VERY fast, and runs much farther
than other species so far. Provided clay pot hide, which she uses instead of bolting around. She was very thin, probably molted in the last five days, so I offered a cricket. She Ignored a cricket, but took a small dubia immediately instead.

After a week, I rehoused her to a tall deli filled ¾ full of substrate, with a pre-started hole along the side about one inch deep. She took to it immediately and had a tunnel five times her body length dug out within the day. She turned the tunnel horizontal before reaching the bottom of the deli, creating a little room for herself.

By mid January 2014, she’s created a larger/longer living space at the bottom of the cup, and piled lots of substrate into a web mini-tower at the entrance. The space between the ground and lid of the cup is shallow, or I suspect she would have built it taller yet. I cannot see into her living area anymore because of the webbing, so have no idea if there have been any molts, or even how big she is.