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Collection Reduction

In order to focus on my Brazilian boa breeding ambitions more seriously, I’ve decided to reduce my tarantula collection. I found a fellow enthusiast on Craig’s List who was happy to have all the individuals I’d tagged for re-homing.

I’m disappointed to see the spiders go, but the boas are a larger priority. Maybe I will be more inclined to keep up with this blog with a smaller collection. Ha! More likely, this will become a blog about my pets in general. Oh well. I had good intentions when I started. =P

Ven. Suntiger [Romeo 001] Feb2014 Monthly Update

His home was too big (large Kritter Keeper), so I rehoused Romeo in a 1gal canister. He swapped enclosures with Mr. Nugs so I could transfer a pre-aggressive into his permanent home. This smaller enclosure is more suited to his docile (for a suntiger) and reclusive nature. The transfer went smoothly. He was coaxed out the side retreat of his hide and into a cup by slow & gentle use of a long paintbrush. He moved slowly and made no threats- He’s a good boy. =)

Acquired: Venezuelan Suntiger [Romeo 001]

Back in the hobby after six years! I brought home a Psalmopoeus irminia on November 29, 2013. He was a hefty 2.5 inches with a definite ventral spot of coarser hair, indicating a male. I confirmed my suspicion after his first molt with me.

Molt (1): December 9, 2013 @ 10 from acquisition.
3 inches, confirmed male – Name Day!

Molt (2): January 31, 2014 @ 53 days.
3.2 inches