No updates in a long time, I know. I got promoted at the office and my new position has been eating my weekends and free time. Ugh!

Fun fact: My largest Brazi rainbow boa, Olivia escaped her feeding box two days ago. It usually takes her overnight to decide to eat her F/T meal, so my habit is to leave her to it. The box is a Sterilite tub about 14″ in length with claps on each end. I guess there’s just enough give for her to push up the long side of the lid.

I found her in the second place I looked, which was under a bookcase. (The first place was the bed sheets, where it was dark and still warm). She was not particularly pleased by this and struck wildly while being picked up and placed back into her enclosure. I didn’t get tagged though, she doesn’t have very good aim.

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