Featherleg Baboon [003] June 2014 Update

I never see Mr. Nugs unless I tear out his entire hide. Up to this point, I’ve kept him on coco-fiber with a fiber hide. Now, I am experimenting with this pine hide that used to belong to my boas before it was accidentally snapped in two. I have heard from other hobbyists that it is toxic, but I am not convinced. I think it may be one of those things that nobody knows, nobody wants to risk, and nobody will advocate kind of things. You know, like how we used to think that keeping tarantula cages bone-dry would kill them?

Taken April 6, 2014. The camera flash really highlights his color.

I am convinced he’s the nicest featherleg in existence. I pestered him during this shoot to see how far I could push before he struck. After 7 to 10 minutes of gently stroking his legs and nudging his fangs, he FINALLY raised into a threat posture, but still would not strike. Not that I want to snag his bite, I was very cautious for his safety and mine.

I’d guess he’s over 3.5″ now, but completely forgot to have the tape handy during the rehouse.

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