Finally Got My Ornate Last Month

I have been watching the local pet stores for an Ornate Pacman and finally found one at Scales ‘n Tails in Lakewood, CO in mid January. It took about 10 months to find.I had asked multiple stores if they could order one, but their suppliers do not differentiate the species of pacman frogs they sell. I was very tempted to order a baby from an online vendor, but I wasn’t looking for a high-red or a fancy genetic line, so the shipping cost didn’t seem worth it.  Here’s my little guy about two days after coming home:

Ornate 2015Jan18 01 Ornate 2015Jan18 02

He’s eaten crickets here and there, but I put him on a commercial pacman frog food right away. I had tried the food with cranwellis before, who are slow to accept it at first, but later take it reliably…. This guy ate it like a champ! And is growing stupid-fast. Here he is 10 days later:

Ornate 2015Jan27 04 Ornate 2015Jan27 03 Ornate 2015Jan27 02 Ornate 2015Jan27 01

And another 10 days after that:

Ornate 2015Feb07 03 Ornate 2015Feb07 02 Ornate 2015Feb07 01

You can absolutely see his growth, daily. Just like with my other species of pacman frogs, he is getting big fast. I’m very excited to find out his gender and give him a proper name. =D

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