Monthly Summary: March 2014

Many of my specimens have not had any noteworthy changes or events this month, but you can follow the links to individuals who do have updates below.

A. diversipes Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe
     [012]: Nothing to report.
B. smithi  Mexican Redknee
     [010]: Nothing to report.
C. fimbriatus  Indian Violet
     [005] / [006]: Monthly Update
E. murinus  Skeleton Leg
     [015]: Monthly Update
H. lividum  Cobalt Blue
     [011]: Monthly Update
Lampropelma sp. “Borneo Black”
     Elvira [004]: Monthly Update
L. parahybana  Salmon Pink Birdeater
     [014]: Monthly Update
P. metallica  Gooty Sapphire Ornamental
     [007]: Monthly Update
P. rufilata  Red Slate Ornamental
    [002]: Nothing to report.
P. subfusca (aka. bara)  Ivory Ornamental
    [013]: Nothing to report.
P. irminia  Venezuelan Suntiger
    Romeo [001]: Nothing to report.
    Juliet [008]: Nothing to report.
P. murinus  Orange Baboon
    Billie [009]: Monthly Update
S. calceatum  Featherleg Baboon
    Mr. Nugs [003]: Nothing to report.

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