Online Stores

Like to window shop? I do! And below are the stores I tend to browse the most. An * indicates I have ordered from these vendors in the past and have had a good experience with animals, service, and shipping.Storefronts:

Jamie’s Tarantulas*
Michael Jacobi’s Spider Shoppe
Stamp’s Tarantulas
Ken the Bug Guy*
Swift’s Invertebrates
Reptile City*
Tarantula Spiders
Backwater Reptiles
Big Cheese Rodents*
BHB Reptiles
Heartland Invertebrates
Northeast Tarantula Breeder’s Group
Pet Center USA*
Captive Inverts
Tangled in Webs
Reptile Pets Direct
First Choice Reptiles
Living Gems Reptiles
Underground Reptiles*
AC Reptiles
Florida Herps
The Tye-Dyed Iguana
Tales ‘n More
Jabberwock Reptiles
TC Reptile
T&A Reptiles
Moonlight Boas
McCarthy Boas

Trade with other hobbyists by posting an ad:
Frog Forum
Rat Forum
Craig’s List

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