Ivory Ornamental [013] Update

She molted in January, and I neglected to note the date. Since then, she is more likely to throw a scary-fast threat posture at disturbances, and I haven’t been able to get a good measurement from her. I think it’s safe to say she still hasn’t hit the 5 inch mark. Her growth has really slowed. Read More →

Sculpture Day

I have been dabbling in making cute little pacman frogs out of polymer clay for a while with minimal success, but recently made a more serious attempt at sculpture. I’m pretty new to the medium, so if I try being too accurate I get frustrated and scrap my work. I let myself create something a bit more stylized for the first time and I think it looks great. I wasn’t sure if it would turn out more African bullfrog-like or pacman-y so was still undecided on the paint job until two nights ago.

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Pacman (Horned) Frogs

I just want to say that I LOVE THESE FROGS! They are beautiful, and usually stay quite visible in their enclosure. The visual effect that some of the color morphs have really hit you like a truck. (In a good way). But I do want to get into some of the diferences between species.  Read More →

As Snakes See the World

My common boa, Apfel sees the world much differently than my rainbow boas. She does not have heat pits like the others, and her behavior is more interactive because of this. She seems more personable and engaged in what is going on around her, despite being a less active species of constrictor. Read More →

Frozen Feeders or Live?

So, why do I buy frozen instead of live rats from a local store? Read More →

Feeding the Boas

I just spent $67 on frozen rats to feed four of my five boas. My smallest still eats pinkie rats, which I breed and gas myself. I can’t bring myself to gas anything larger, so buy them frozen. I have a REAL problem with feeders becoming pets once they’re a week old. I love my ratties. <3 Read More →

Snake Bite Account

If you’re ever going to get bit by your snake, it’s around a feeding. I was bit twice by my second largest snake, Odin last night while removing him from his feeding box. This is the first time it’s happened since I began keeping pythons and boas in 2006. I consider myself upper beginner to intermediate in my ability to read their body language and intentions and always err on the side of caution, but rainbow boas are the most unpredictable species I have kept. I am often bewildered by their actions, as is frequently the case with Odin and Olivia. Leo and Dawn remain trustworthy and are absolute pushovers. Read More →

Indian Violet [006] – August Monthly Update

Just some new photos of her during a cleaning. She is always hiding otherwise.

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New Hide & Water Dish Update

Not sealed yet, but fully painted. Read More →

Collection Reduction

In order to focus on my Brazilian boa breeding ambitions more seriously, I’ve decided to reduce my tarantula collection. I found a fellow enthusiast on Craig’s List who was happy to have all the individuals I’d tagged for re-homing.

I’m disappointed to see the spiders go, but the boas are a larger priority. Maybe I will be more inclined to keep up with this blog with a smaller collection. Ha! More likely, this will become a blog about my pets in general. Oh well. I had good intentions when I started. =P