Sad News: Greater Horned Baboon [020] Deadsauced

I learned the hard way how warm these guys like their habitat. At least, I think that’s what killed her. I’m very disappointed as she was definitely a treasured specimen. I had left my window open on a cold night a couple weeks ago and she was notably lethargic the next day. When I came home from work after another day or two, I found she was not moving. She did not have her legs curled under her like many tarantulas who die, usually from dehydration.

I can only assume it was that overnight chill that got to her. The tarantula bookcase doesn’t have the heat tape + thermostat installed like I’ve done with the boa one. I’ve always been unsure about how to set theirs up, so put it off. She was kept on the mid level shelf, while others reside on the upper and top of the bookcase for the warmer ambient temperatures.

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