Some Issues with Mold & Updates

Though it’s usually dry in Denver, these last couple weeks have been humid. Little gardens of mold began growing in many of my enclosures. The store was out of coco-fiber when I went, and bark was all they had. I swapped out the coco-fiber substrate with some Repti-bark (temporarily) to protect my T’s from mold. I assume mold, or the conditions under which it grows is more harmful than a few days exposed to some fragrant bark chips.

Red Slate Ornamental P. rufilata on temporary bark.

I’m not even sure how harmful Repti-bark is to tarantulas. I read all the time that pine and cedar are not good for them, but can’t seem to find a detailed explanation as to why. Often, sap is mentioned as being toxic, but that an issue with Repti-bark? I should ask my fellow hobbyists at

As for the delay in updates… I have no excuse. It’s not that I’ve been busier than usual, I just forget to  measure, photograph, and write updates for all my specimens.

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